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When you lose a faithful companion, it can be a tremendously emotional time. Pets hold a unique and special place within a home. The loss of a pet is no different than the loss of any member of the family.

It is only natural that you desire an appropriate and meaningful way to say farewell to one that has meant so much to your life.

This is why we here at Autumn Valley Pet Crematory will do our absolute best to guide you through the process of creating a special Tribute and Memorial.

Autumn Forest

Wayne & Jane Broderick

We lost our sweet Little Dog , Corky a few weeks ago. We miss him SO much. Most lovable little boy , our hearts are breaking. Derrick helped us through the process and was so understanding and kind, compassionate, empathic and patient with us. We can't say enough. Corky was taken care of at Jensens Animal Hospital with the best Vet's ever ! We received Corky's beautiful Tree of Life wooden Box and Paw Prints and the Rainbow Bridge prayer. We will be forever grateful to Autumn Valley for the care Corky received as well as My Husband and Myself. Highly recommend . God Bless all of You at Autumn Valley
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